Monday, February 2, 2009

Such a Happy Baby

Spring fever anyone?? Holy cow, I can NOT wait to get outside for some warm weather. It doesn't even have to be hot... but a warm breeze wouldn't hurt huh?!?
3 months old!! Can you believe it? This little man is such a happy, smiley baby. He is constantly laughing out loud and reaching for dangling toys. His muscles are getting much stronger and he's able to hold his head in a sitting position steady for a decent amount of time. Jax is also starting to pronounce more constants... lots of M's.... little sweet heart! Hopefully "Mama" won't be too far away :) We took him for his 3 month photos at Sears earlier this month and got some really great shots of him.

This past two weekends we spent in the Milwaukee area. We were able to visit with friends and family. Both of our parents took their turn watching Jackson for us while we had plans. They each were able to put him down for bed and he slept really well for them. Paul and I were able to watch our friends Joe and Allison baptize their son Nathan. (See photo of the two babies) Ella is growing so fast and her vocabulary is growing faster :) We attended Tony and Ryan Monacelli's Wedding Reception this past weekend. It was wonderful to have an occasion to dress up and be with our friends again. Tony and Ryan look so happy!

Unfortuantely, having not nursed Jax all the while we were at the reception... I got mastitis. I have started the antibiotics and it's clearing the infection. But the worst part is the medication gives Jackson an upset stomach (through the milk). It's hard to watch him be uncomfortable and I hope it doesn't last the whole duration of my medication. He is never fussy. But today was a difference story, poor guy!

Paul and I purchased a webcam and we are finally set up on SKYPE. It's a web program that allows you to talk with people using video feed. It's a great way for us to stay in better contact with people, especially because we live far away from everyone. If you are using the program, please look us up by our last name and Greenville, WI. We'd love to catch up!

This past Sunday, we visited my Great Grandmother in her assisted living facility. We took a 5 GENERATION photo that will be put in the West Bend Daily News as well as the Port Washington newspaper. Sadly, this week will be one year since my Great Grandfather and Grandfather passed away. We think about them often and keep them in our hearts. My Great Grandmother is doing very well and is involved in group activities at her facility.

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