Thursday, January 22, 2009

Three Months Today!

My goodness... I can't believe it! He is three months old. I look at the professional photos from Sears that we took in November and to think he was only 3 WEEKS then. My little man...

Today Jackson rolled over three times! From his tummy to his back, both sides. He actually did this for the first time a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't done it since. But today was amazing! He is holding his head up strong while on his belly, lifts his chest off the ground and leans to the sit to roll over. He sits up supported for a decent amount of time. I can even prop him up in the couch where he'll stay for a few minutes before falling to one side :)
The sleeping is still going really good. There are few nights every now and then when it's out of sequence. But for the most part, he's a great sleeper. The morning nap is long and fulfilling. The early afternoon nap is getting longer (slowly), and he will still have a cat nap in the late afternoon. At bedtime Jax will cry to sleep or wake up shortly after going down for bed to cry for alittle. But he manages to get back to sleep on his own and is out until morning.

We are taking him for his 3 month photos on Saturday. I am trying to figure out how to plan morning (feeding/napping) so that he'll be at his happiest while we're there at Sears. Hopefully we'll manage to get those wonderful smiles out of him that I see everyday!

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Crystal said...

oh my gosh April, that top picture is so adorable!! He's such a handsome little guy!