Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Jackson's development in the past few weeks has really blown us away! All he wants to do these days is stand on his feet. We can't believe how strong those two little legs are! While his body is still wobbley, he has impressive upper body support when he stands. He likes to sit between us on the couch while we watch tv in the evening :) Those changing lights really grab his attention. I have attached a bunch of dangling links from the handle of his car seat. He has started to bring the toys into his mouth now, great coordination. I have never known a more smiley baby! He is so happy and playful. His health has been great and WE couldn't be happier about that.
My cousin Jessi will be babysitting Jax while Paul and I go out to dinner for Valentine's Day. It will be nice to spend some relaxing time just the two of us. I am certain the main topic of conversation however, will be that sleeping baby at home :)

The three of us went to Home Depot over the weekend for some odds and ends. We started brainstorming the many improvements we would like to make to the house. Of course some of the things, like building out the basement, deck and landscaping, are a ways down the road. But others, like painting an accent wall in the living, crown molding in the bedroom and establishing a theme for our master bath, are projects we are going to start tackling. Now that all the medical bills from the pregnancy are paid (hopefully there aren't any more stragglers coming in late), we are planning on building up our cushion of savings so we can start to focus on our house. Fun Fun Fun!

My family is planning a Girls/Guys weekend for Feb. 20-22. Paul will be heading down to Chicago with my dad to stay with Brian at his apartment. Meanwhile, Emily and my mom will be coming up here to help me entertain the little man. The guys will be attending a car show in Chicago among other things and I am sure the ladies will be hitting the mall (in between naps) :). I think we're all looking forward to the company. It's been since Christmas that Brian and Emily have seen Jackson... won't be until March 1st that Brian sees his again. Brian, he has certainly CHANGED!! You'll LOVE his interaction!
Well, a few days of warme weather and alittle rain helped melt a bit of snow up here. Who says that damn ground hog always gets it right?!?

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