Monday, December 1, 2008

So Big

My little baby is getting so big! I was going down memory lane (you know, four weeks ago :) ) and watching the first few videos of him. He was so tiny! He's changed so much! Jackson's face is really getting round and filling out. I think today might be the last day for my favorite outfit of his. That makes me sad. I only got 6 weeks out of it! He will now out grown the newborn sizes and is fitting better in the 0-3 month clothing. Plus, we've upgraded him to the size 1 diapers, no longer in the Newborn size either.

Jax is so much more alert now! In this past week alone, Paul and I have noticed much more eye contact. He follows us around the room and even looks at the pages of the books I read to him. We are getting a few more smiles out of him too.

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