Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Santa Baby

Our poor little guy has some serious baby acne. It looks like a rash and I would imagine it would be irritating to him. Hope it goes away soon. When he spits up... that seems to irritate the acne further.
Each day is different with Jax. During the week, we've fallen into a routine of feeding, some awake time, then sleep. After some feedings though, he will fall right to sleep. In the evenings he gets pretty fussy, as to be expected. Unfortuantely, that's when Paul sees him. During the night, it's give and take. One feeding he'll go 4 hours between, and the other usually 2-3 hours. I can't complain about that, it's better than most people have it. I'm told that the night time sleep will start to increase more by 6-8 weeks. But being a breastfed baby it's uncertain when he'll be able to sleep longer.

I have a 6 week check up next week with my doctor. Can't believe Jackson is almost 6 weeks! I plan to begin working out again at that point. Provided that my stitches are completely dissolved and if I have enough energy in the early evening to go to the YMCA.

Paul and I struggled to get a few early christmas photos of Jackson in his outfit. He wasn't too happy with us :) But when you snap 50 pictures in about 5 mintues, you're bound to get a few good ones.

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