Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sleeping Through the Night....almost

Yeah, almost. So last night, Paul fed Jackson the late evening feeding as usual and I went to bed around 8pm. I usually then wake for the following night feedings so that Paul can sleep for work. I woke up when Paul came to bed around 1am, this is usually because Jax eats around midnight. I then woke up to Jax crying around 2am. I thought "What the heck kid? You can't be hungry again!" So I went into his room and tried to comfort him from his crib, turned on the mobile and ended up giving him his nuk (first time I've ever given it to him at night). He quieted down and I left the room. On my way to my room, I stopped to look at the sleep pattern chart that we keep to track his sleep... I wanted to see how long he was sleeping for. Here, I find out that Paul fed him at 9:30pm! Not 12am... and it was 2am now! So I just denied my baby food! I felt terrible and went back into the nursery... to find him sleeping. Now I am standing there confused... I don't want to wake the sleeping baby, but he's never gone more than four hours between feedings and this was already 5 hours. Of course I woke up Paul to make sure my decision to let Jackson be was the right decision. This episode bought me another hour of sleep. So, Jackson sleep 5 hours straight ( if you don't include me giving him a nuk) and went 6 hours between that feeding. I fed him at 3am and 6:30am, after that he slept until 10:30am. My goodness!! Needless to say, he isn't sleeping much today :)

I can't believe my baby is 6 weeks old!!

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