Monday, December 8, 2008

All Smiles!!

Thanksgiving was hosted here at our house this year. Paul and I wanted to have a holiday celebration at our new house, since we haven't hosted anything here yet. We also thought it would be alittle easier than having to travel to two locations with Jackson. Well, it was easier to a point. My mom ended up doing most of the preparing/cooking even though that's what I wanted to help out with.... just didn't happen with Jackson :). Both my family and Paul's family were able to come celebrate Thanksgiving with us and it was a great afternoon.

We took Jackson to see Santa at Walmart this weekend. Didn't know there would be photo spot in the Seasonal Department at Walmart :). But, the 4x6 photo was free! Can you believe that? Sure beats spending $10+ on one photo of Santa at the mall. The set up was alittle corny, but what can you expect? :) I will post that photo when I get it, of course Jackson was asleep the whole time!
Jax is smiling up a storm lately!! We don't seem to be getting much of it on camera however, but he is definitely social smiling now. He is usually sleeping 4-5 hours on the first nighttime stretch, then about 3-4 on the second and usually he'll fall asleep again within an hour after the morning feeding. He sleeps real good in the first stretch because we give him an expressed bottle then, he is able to take about 5oz easily. When I nurse him at the second feeding, his tummy doesn't get as full.

I have been meeting a friend of mine for lunch once a week. Crystal and her daughter Maddi (2 weeks older than Jax) live here in Appleton with her husband. They are also semi new to the area, so it's been great getting to know them better. It's also been really nice to be able to swap baby/new motherhood stories with her :). I love getting the chance to get out of the house during these snowy cold days... being on lock down can really get depressing at times.
I have alittle more christmas shopping to do, just the loose ends. I dread going near the mall, but at least I can get there when it's less busy (before or after lunch). The parking lot is so crazy!! And all this stroller walking through snow... takes some getting used to :) I hope everyone is able to make the most out of the snow we've been having. Enjoy it!... if you can :)

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