Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Little Polar Bear

This is what does to baby when he goes through 3 outfits and doesn't keep his breakfast down. My Goodness!! I swear, 3 ounces came up in a duration of 15 mins. I must have been entertaining him during my spats of mini fits from trying to locate the burp clothe, to stopping the stream flowing down his face to pool in his neck creases, because this little man was beaming up at me smiling with spit up all over his face. I just get him wiped down and BAM, more comes flying out. Who can't laugh at that??

My friend Crystal stopping over yesterday with her little girl Maddi. We have done several lunches together, but have not gotten a photo of the two babies. Maddi was born on Oct 1st, she is about 3 weeks older than Jax... obviously the more content baby as you can see from the photos :)

We have a busy weekend visiting family on Saturday. Provided that Paul is feeling up to the drive to Hartland, we will be introducing Jax to his extended family. Paul is holding up pretty well. He sure is beat after two days of catch up while holding down a low energy soft diet of jello/pudding and spagettios. The swelling is still pretty bad and he is getting terrible hiccups that not only hurt but feel more like heartburn. The worst part is the spells have lasted up to 2 hours!
As the holiday roll near, I'm sure everyone will be traveling to see family. Stay safe and stay warm. We will be sure to update with christmas photos of our little polar bear!

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