Monday, December 22, 2008

2 Month Doctor Appointment

That's right, the dreaded 2 month appointment was this evening. I'll get it out of the way first and forthmost.... the shot were horrible to watch! My baby started screaming after the second shot (of 5!) and held his breath with a steaming red face until well after it was over. It was heart breaking watching and seeing that sound coming out of my little baby. And knowing it's caused by pain. It didn't take long before he calmed down and fell asleep in his car seat. Momma, on the other hand, still hears his cries in her head :(. He actually handled it really well, all things considered. He was alittle fussier through the duration of the evening so we had an extra long bathtime to help relax him, and we'd have to say he was himself again. He went to sleep during his last feeding at 8:30pm.

Jackson has grown quite a bit since his 2 week check up!

Weight: 11 lbs. 13 oz.

Height: 23.25 inches

Head Circumference: 41 cm

The doctor was explaining to us to several things to be looking for development wise for this age. I suppose I need to be better about "Tummy Time". He has great head control when we're holding him at our shoulder... but he hates being on his stomach because that's much harder for him to hold his head up. It kills me to watch him struggle with his face buried in the blanket and squirming around because he can't see anything.

He has been showing us SO many smiles! Jax is really responding to our facial expressions and it's just so fun to see him grin behind his nuk! We are traveling to WB and Sussex for Christmas. This will be Jackson's biggest trip from home. He hasn't seen his grandparent's houses yet. I can't wait to get photos of him "opening his presents" :). I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and relaxing christmas week!

Please keep my cousin Jaime in your thoughts. She is undergoing surgery at Children's Hospital and her family will have to spend Christmas there. We love you guys! We are thinking about you!

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