Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jax's 1st Christmas!!

It sure was an eventful week! Come Tuesday (23rd), we knew the weather was going to be a problem if we drove to West Bend on Christmas Eve. It was our original plan to visit with my family on Wednesday, Paul's family on Christmas Day and celebrate our first christmas as a family back here in Appleton on Friday. We then would drive back to West Bend for the big Puerling christmas on Saturday. But, we ended up driving to WB on Tuesday night to beat the bad weather and stayed there through the rest of the week. It was a better choice to stay safe.
Christmas Eve was nice at my parents. Brian and Emily came up from Chicago and my Grandma was there as well. Jackson was more than showered with gifts... lots of books to read him, adorable outfits, lullabye music... don't know where we're going to put all of his new toys!:) We certainly need to get a toy box now! Christmas day was very exciting at the Truttschels. The boys were celebrating the holiday like all boys do :), waiting anxiously to tear into their presents! Jackson had even MORE gifts to open! Can't wait to try out his bath toys. Paul will be kept busy uploading our photos to the digital photo frame his parents gave us. It holds about 400 photos! The next day, we relaxed at my parents house again. All the while, trying to keep Jax on his normal everyday schedule. He did very well with that. Continued to sleep alot at night, thank goodness!

Then Saturday, Jax met the entire Puerling family. Everyone was excited to meet and hold him. He makes a wonderful start to the next generation! First Great Grandbaby!

Paul, Jackson and I are about to open our gifts to one another, celebrating our christmas a little late :) You can get away with that when your child is a baby :)

I hope everyone had a safe and exciting holiday. Have a great New Years!! Think of us while we bring in the new year at 9:30pm! lol

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