Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our visit with the Dietrich...finally our boys meet!

We have been so excited to share the day the with the Dietrich. Allison and I have been sharing pregnancy stories since day one. Our due dates were 10 days apart and we both delivered a week early. Finally, Jax and Nathan got the first chance to meet each other today. With the close knit friendship we have with Joe and Allison... there's no way these two boys won't be good friends!
It was a great afternoon watching the game, catching up on our lives since we last saw each other (both VERY pregnant!), feeding our newborns and snapping an insane amount of photos! Nathan was more responsive to the "social interaction", while Jackson seemed to sleep the whole afternoon. He couldn't not be wakened :). Guess we're in for a long night...

I am about to enter the long week ahead with Jackson by myself. I feel pretty good about it. I think that it'll be alittle easier to "sleep while he sleeps" with an empty house. The laundry will no doubt pile back up and the house will get messy again, but I will need to train myself to just let it go!

I have posted more pictures on the snapfish page. I suppose I have been sending out alot of those to everyone. Sorry about that... we just can't stop taking photos of this little dude!

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Lynda said...

Don't stop sending the pictures!! I love them! Both boys are adorable!!