Monday, November 3, 2008

Our First Really Good Night

We went outside for a short walk today. November 3rd and the temperature was high 60s. It was great getting some fresh air. Mom and baby need that!
I was amazed at how well last night went. It was the second night we put Jackson in his crib in his own room. It was really hard the first night. If you've been to our house, you'll know that our rooms are on the opposite sides of the house. The idea of putting him in his own room so soon made me cry. I am very thankful for the video screen baby monitor we received from the baby shower, because it's made the transition alittle more bareable for me. I sleep on my side and can see Jax on the LCD screen on my nightstand.

Needless to say, he seems to like his crib. My mom gave us a music machine that not only plays music but nature sounds as well. Plus, it has a bonus feature of projecting moving animals on the wall that Jax is mesmerized by. I am usually up for an hour with him at night, feeding and changing his diaper and swaddling him. Last night, I fed him at 11:30pm, he slept for 3 hours. I fed him at 3:30am, he slept another 3 hours and I fed him again at 7:30am. While I certainly don't feel caught up on sleep, it does help a lot! We're hoping this isn't just a fluke and he'll start to settle into this routine (but it's still early, I know).

Jackson is a wonderful baby! He only seems to cry when he needs a diaper change or is hungry. Usually at night if it takes him a while to fall asleep, he's content with staring at the pictures on the wall... but doesn't fuss much. He has showed NO signs of colic and is overall a very content baby. Thank Goodness! He does seem to sleep A LOT!! He isn't awake much during the day. Just wakes to be fed and falls asleep eating :).

We are extremely lucky to have a baby like Jackson

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