Sunday, November 9, 2008

2 Weeks Old

I might be a crazy person, but this little boy is already getting so big! He seems heavier at times (and not just with a full diaper), and when he lowers his head he has alittle double chin :) Jackson has his 2 week check up on Monday (he will actually be 3 weeks, because our Pediatrican was on vacation last week). We'll find out how much weight he's gained and what percentile he stands at. Hopefully the Doctor can give me on insight on the numerous amount of questions I have :). I also have my follow up ultrasound on Monday as well (wish me luck!) Big day for us!

Jax had a great second half of the night last night. Paul has been wonderful, especially on weekends, giving up his own sleep so that I can catch up on sleep at night so I'm not delerious. Paul stayed up with Jax after the 1:30am feeding because he just wasn't settling down. Paul came to bed at 3:30am and Jax was up again alittle after 4am. I feed him again, put him down at 5am and he then slept until 9am! I got four hours of straight sleep! While it felt good when I wake up, I still run out of gas pretty quickly. We've reached the three week mark now, I've read that night/day sleep confusion begins to fade near 6 weeks. I suppose we're half way there!

We took Jackson to get his 3 week photos taken at Sears yesterday. It was an interesting experience. We were hoping to have him sleeping, because those make adorable photos! But he was... fiesty and it make the session a bit difficult :). We didn't get many good ones unfortuantely, but we were able to make due with what we did get. We'll try again at 6 mos. :)

Paul is going in to the dentist on Wed. to start his major dental project. Please wish him well, as he might be feeling a bit under the weather for a few days.

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