Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Wow, what can I say. Motherhood sure puts a new spin on life! This little man is amazing! I can't stop kissing his feet or rubbing his head or even looking at him long enough. I still can't believe he's finally here. *But ask me that at 3am when he's wide awake and waiting to be entertained :)

Jax has so many characteristics already and he is constantly showing us more facial expressions. We put him the bouncy seat with bright colored toys hanging in front of him and it's really cool watching is eyes as he finds the toys. He's sucking on his fingers alot more now. That has posed it challenges though... I have a hard time nursing him without another set of hands to hold his arms away from his face. His arms are so strong and I have to fight against them (as well as a thrashing head) to get him latched on. But other all, nursing has gotten a lot better since the beginning. Man, so many new things as a first time mother! And it all comes crashing down on you at the exact same time, really with no fair warning. No one can truly prepare you for what it all entails (moms out there... you know I mean!) It's been wonderful having my mom here to help out. She's been cleaning my house (which is more clean now that I've had the baby, thanks to her!), making dinners, changing diapers, running errands, and getting me through my overwhelming crying spells that creep on me every now and then. I am extremely grateful for all her generosity.

Alittle personal physical update here: I had experience some excessive heavy bleeding on Tuesday and had gone in to see the on-call doctor. After an exam, he concluded the bleeding was not from the incisions (good news), but I needed to go in on Wed. for an ultrasound to see what was going on. They determined that there was still some "material" left inside the uterus that needed to be expelled. So I am put on medication called Methergine. This cramps the uterus in hopes to force out the material. I will spare everyone the graphic details, we'll just say that the medicine did it's job! I am hoping this treatment got it all. I have another ultrasound on Nov. 10th to check and see if the material is gone. The next step is a D&C, which scares me to death so hopefully the Methergine did the trick!
I will be entering this next week flying solo with Jackson. I'm sure by wednesday I'll be dragging from the lack of sleep. I'll be a walking, sleep deprived, baby feeding machine. Jax has got something for clean diapers... after nearly each diaper change, he's pooping!! The first time it's like "Oh Come on! I just changed you!" The second time it's like "Are you Kidding me?!?" By the third time it's "Someone ELSE please change his diaper!" And that's all if I can get the diaper fastened. Lots of times we've been peed and pooped on without the protective barrier of a diaper. Oh yes, Mom, Paul and myself have all gotten the delighted experience. But it's all well worth it! All you can do is bank away as many memories as possible to pull out on a later date, when we can use to his expense :)

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Crystal said...

I LOVE the blog and am super jealous we didnt do this! Its awesome that you have all this documented and can look back on it later. (I barely remember the first 2 weeks!) Congrats to you both. I cant decide who he looks more like, mom or dad! I hope you are feeling great April and that a D/C will not be necessary. I hear you on the crying spells, its an emotional rollercoaster but I wouldnt change it for the world. It is something only someone who went through it would understand! Its gotten better after about 2 weeks, but tough at times. Feel free to text/call if you need anything! my email is

Love the pics! Congrats again:)
Crystal & Kurt Chrisler (from AMC classes)