Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Little Man

Jackson is 1 week old today! It sure has been an interesting one. Sometimes, we have absolutely no idea what we're doing :)

Jax sleeps A LOT during the day. My goal is to at least keep him awake in between two feedings. He falls asleep while eating within about 10 mins. So that can be trying, keeping him alert enough to eat. Nursing has been enough of a challenge for me, I wish he'd stay awake. We are convinced that all during utero Jackson had his hands up to his face. We have an ultrasound photo to prove it, but now we're sure of it. Anytime we don't have him swaddled, his hands are up at his face. This too can make nursing hard because I only have two hands, one for supporting him, one to hold my breast and none to hold his hands away from his mouth.

He seems pretty difficult to get to sleep after feedings at night though. Of course, the little man needs a diaper change after feeding and that always wakes him up. The wipe warmer helps with that, but at this point we still have to use vasiline on his circumsicion, so we're just not fast enough. Yet during the day, his out like a light... :)

Paul is going back to work today. He has been amazing with Jackson. He's making out to be a wonderful, involved and willing father. It has been so great having him home with us. Not only to bond with the baby as much as possible, but also because I've needed extra help due to my tough recovery. Paul has been doing "tummy time" with Jax to help strengthen his neck muscles. Of course, the baby doesn't like it much because it's got to be uncomfortable. But he has made us proud in his effort even though it's upsetting to watch him struggle.

Today will be my first day alone with the baby. My mother will be coming later on this evening to stay through the weekend. I am sure I'll do fine :). I have been getting around alittle easier lately and hopefully the road to recovery will get better and better. It's just so nice being able to call on Paul to get me something when I'm planted on the couch... on my donut of course :)


goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

These words are my heart and soul said...

Wow. Best wishes. That baby is so cute. :P kudos and cheers