Monday, October 20, 2008

No Baby Yet!

Nothing new to report: If you don't mind basking in a rant... please read on.

I realize that I am still a week away from my due date, but when every woman that I was pregnant with has had their baby, the anticipation starts to weigh [not to mention anxiety and irritability]. *Poor Paul, he's been dealing with me* I have been contracting since Thursday. Most of the time after a good long walk (which I've been taking 2-3 of each day) the contractions start to form a pattern of time and length, but the strength of the contractions only get so strong. I haven't been back to the hospital because they haven't been as intense as they were on Friday night.

Yesterday we stopped at the grocery store for some cheese because the only thing that I wanted to eat for lunch was a grilled cheese sandwich. We ran into a woman from our birthing class. Crystal is a petite little thing that was due at the same time as me, and there she was bump less and smiling. She began telling me her labor story, how she went 3 weeks early and delivered a healthy 5 lbs 8oz. baby girl. Crystal has the same doctor at Neenah Theda Clark. There she was chatting away in detail about her experience, standing 5 foot tall in her size 2 jeans. While I on the other hand, stood listening with my giant loins mane, I call "my hair", completely out of control, wearing one of Paul's XL frumpy long sleeve shirts and a pair of sweat pants I hadn't changed in 3 days. While I was grateful for her information and to hear about great Dr. K was during labor/delivery... I walked away saying to Paul "I'm going to be pregnant forever!"

I have my 39 week appointment tomorrow. I believe I will take Crystal's advice and ask Dr K. if she'd break my water. Then, I could head upstairs to the birthing center and get started on the I.V. I really want to have this baby before Dr. K leaves town on Friday, so hopefully she'll work with me. Last week, she didn't want to discuss what I should do if go to 40 weeks (when she's not here). I am wishfully thinking that maybe she didn't want to discuss it at 38 weeks, because she already knew that if I was still pregnant at 39, she'd help me out and wouldn't let me go that last week. Head size is still a issue for us here :) love you Paul!

So in the meantime, I am desperately trying (and failing) to keep busy. I go to the Y every weekday then sit on the ball and watch Days of our Lives & General Hospital. I haven't fallen into that trap since high school! Of course, I am my mother's daughter and the house/baby room have been ready and the car packed up and ready for weeks now... so I am getting even more anxious because I'm bored.... there I said it, I'm bored. Everyone says "Enjoy this quite free time now, because it'll be real limited once the baby's here" Well I did take advantage of that, I really did enjoy the slower pace and the quite (2 day) weekends with Paul. But now I am ready TO GO! I feel like I can't walk outside my house. My neighbors (God bless them, they have been a big support for me) can't help themselves from shouting "Still No Baby Yet?" I smile and wave and that's about all I can do refrain from shouting back, "Obviously Not, I'm still as big as a whale and waddling like a damn duck. Do you SEE a baby in my arms!!" :) Oh joys...

Wish me luck with my appointment tomorrow. Worst case scenario: Dr K. gives me a referral for a different doctor for my 40 week appointment, strips the membrane again and sends me home. Best case scenario: she breaks my water, sends me upstairs and HELLO BABY!

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