Saturday, October 18, 2008

Almost... but not quite

Here's the story,

Thursday night was an late evening/night of light contractions that lasted about 6 hours, but never got real intense. Needless to say, barely any sleep for Paul or I.

Last night around 6:30pm, I started contracting at 5 mins apart, 45 seconds long. I called the on call nurse around 8pm to discuss the situation and my concern about being at the hospital early enough to start the antibiotics that I need to receive prior to the baby being born. I called her again around 9:30pm and we decided we'd rather be safe than sorry. So we went to the hospital to monitored for contractions and gadge my progress. When I arrived, I was almost 3 cm dilated and still 75% thinned out. I was hooked up the monitors for about 20 mins., then walked the hospitals halls for a while, and got hooked back up again for another 20 mins. The contractions got a lot stronger, nothing like the night proceeding. But at 12am, I still hadn't made any progress in my dilation. So, we agreed to go home and try to relax there (intending on being back by early morning) This was a surely early labor and the nurses expected our return within 5-6 hours or so.

So, we arrive home at 12:45am after an uncomfortable ride and I climbed into bed. I dealt with contractions for about an hour before I was falling asleep between them. Then I stopped waking up for the contractions and woke up at 5am and realized the contractions had stopped. I was able to get sleep last night, which was good. But I was/am a bit disappointed that my contractions yet again petered into nothing and I am back at square one. I really thought last night was going to the be beginning of it and we'd have alittle baby today. Unfortunately, HE'S got other plans :).

Today, Paul and I have gone for a good long walk and are just waiting patiently (actually, not so patiently) for things to start up again. Hopefully, this next time will be the real deal. I finally know what REAL contractions feel like compared to Braxton Hicks, so I feel confident I can identify the true labor signs for next time. Wish us luck, hopefully REAL soon we'll have our baby to hold.

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