Wednesday, October 15, 2008

38 Weeks... not long now!

I'd have to say it was a pretty good appointment today. My doctor was able to put my mind more at ease about the Group B Strep situation and we talked about how the baby will be monitored for infection after he's born and the type of care he will receive.

Beware: May be too much info for some... :)

My doctor was pretty surprised that the baby is so low in my pelvis (hurray!). He is definitely engaged (Station Zero) if not alittle lower. My cervix is about 75% effaced (thinned) and I am 2 cm dilated. I agreed to have my membrane stripped at this appointment. OUCH!! Dr. K explained that this was not a form of inducing labor, but rather it helps to put the cervix in a more "favorable" condition. She said that this could either help my cervix continue to thin out, or it could possible bring on contractions or even cause the water to break. So, cross your fingers... we're ready to have this baby!!

I am going to continue doing my part to bring this baby down. I have been at the YMCA on the elliptical machine for 25-30 mins. every/ or every other day. I have been sitting and bouncing on my fitness ball allowing gravity to do its job.

I have my 39 week appt. next Tuesday. I am concerned because my doctor will be gone from Oct. 24th - Nov. 4th. And so my 40 week appt. could be scheduled with another doctor if I have not gone into labor by then. Dr. K said she'd be surprised if I made it that long... so hopefully I'll have this baby before she's out of town and I won't even have to worry about that! I'll keep everyone posted. I'm off to the Y!

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