Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nathan Gerald Dietrich

Here is Allison & Joe Dietrich's sweet baby boy!

Allison was induced today, a week before her due date because of her platelet count. We received a call around noon, two hours after Allison went on pitocin and the contractions were about 3 mins apart. The next call we received was around 3:45pm and Joe said that Nathan was born.

Nathan Dietrich

Born shortly before 3pm

8 lbs. 20 inches long

Looks like Momma and Baby are doing well. I am so excited to hear from Allison (once the dust settles). Needless to say, I'd have to say this put my emotions in hyper drive and now I really want to have my baby! Just seeing this little precious baby wrapped in his blanket gets my "Mommy" hormone super charged. In two days... I will be 38 weeks. I am hoping the Doctor will have good news that the baby is much lower and ready to come soon. I have been feeling cramping spells that come and go. He still wiggles and pushes around plenty.


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