Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A bit of scary news...

I found out today at my 37 week appointment that I have tested positive for Group B Strep. This is a bacterial infection that is harmless to the mother, but could be fatal for the newborn if contracted during delivery. My doctor told me it's "nothing to worry about", that finding out that I have the bacteria in my body is half of the battle. She told me that I will receive an antibiotic by IV once labor begins and I need to arrive at the hospital as soon as possible if my water breaks. She told me that I will be administered a dose of the penicillin every 4 hours during labor, and that 2 doses have been proven well to prevent the baby from receiving an infection. Of course I did my own homework online and the articles written about how an infection could effect your newborn, is absolutely terrifying to any mother. So I am doing my best to stay positive about it and trying not to stress out too much.

My little boy has dropped alittle more. He is in a -1 position, again (zero) is defined as engaged. My cervix hasn't made much progress from last week. I do feel different in the way he's positioned inside and his movements are starting to take on a different sensation as well.

I posted a photo of the shelf I purchased unfinished from Michaels. I painted it the color of the room and Mod Podged scrap paper down on the shelves to matching some of the artwork I have up on the walls.

Paul and I have plans to stay in a boutique hotel in downtown Appleton this Saturday night. This is serving as our "Babymoon". I have been putting away money little by little for 6 months and we're very anxious that this weekend is finally here. We have dinner reservations at a nice restaurant on the main floor and have a late check out. Hopefully this will help me to keep my mind off my current worries.

My friend Allison has been scheduled for an induction on Sunday morning. She's been spending this week finishing up her days at work and feeling pretty exhausted. Hopefully, her little boy will start knocking on the door before Sunday comes, to avoid being induced. Her body is telling her it's ready to have their little boy, Nathan. So please keep her in mind this week/weekend.

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