Tuesday, September 30, 2008

4 Weeks To Go!

Sorry, no pictures! Our computer isn't accepting the Canon Camera USB hook up due to the Vista program we have installed on the computer. It combats with ALL the devices we attach to the computer including our printer. It refuses to read them and cooperate. Vista really is completely unrelyable and we're probably going back to Windows XP, unfortuantely that means about 8 hours of work for Paul to wipe the computer clean and start fresh. But we have to be able to upload baby photos to everyone! Right?!

Holy Cow! As excited as I am to try out this whole motherhood experience and hold my little boy in my arms... I don't think I'm ready for delivery yet. I certainly don't feel like I've been carrying for 9 months. I have finished out my duration at work last week and am happy to be able to stay at home. I have been active this week already and have a good list of things to complete before I lose most of my free time :). I am currently painting a stand alone shelf unit I bought unfinished at Michaels. I am accenting a few stars on it and modge podging design scrapbook paper on the shelves to "baby" it up. I will be using this as more surface area in the nursery. Our dresser unit is doubled over as a changing table so I lost space there.

I had my 36 week appointment today and I am beginning to make progress. I have put on almost 1 pound since last week. That's a total of 19 lbs. since day 1. Baby's heart rate was great at 150 bpm and my belly was measuring right on. She did the Group B Strep test that will determine if the baby could be at risk of contracting a virus during delivery. I am 1 cm dilated at this point, which is great because I wasn't expecting that! Currently, I am 60% effaced (thinned) and he is in the -3 position. That means he is descending down into the pelvis. Position "Zero" would be "Engaged" or "Lightened", and "+5" would be crowning. I am beginning to feel more pelvic pressure, but I still feel some pretty strong kicks up in my ribs. It's crazy to think that things are starting to really move along, and I have no control over it. [Wait! Where did that come from? Me?! Needing to be in control?? HA! :) ]

We started the dreaded task of installing the car seat tonight, but ran out of daylight. So we're going to finish that tomorrow and on Thursday I have an appointment with the Fire Dept. where they will inspect our installation and assure us that we are all set for baby! Paul and I attended a breastfeeding class last night held by the hospital. It was pretty informative (3 hours of fun filled boob talk)! It should have been 1 hour shorter, because we felt a large amount of time was spent on facts about why breastfeeding is best for the baby... well, we were all there because we already agreed on that, we didn't need convincing. But I do feel more prepared, as prepared as one can be with still having no idea what you're supposed to do :)

Well, I will keep everyone updated. Won't be long now!!

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Mom and Dad said...

I honestly cant wait!!
All these months of waiting will soon be here!!

love you dear!!