Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One year later, trading my wedding gown for a hospital Moo Moo!

One full year ago... we were exchanging our vows and what a difference one year can make! After getting married, Paul graduated from MSOE; started looking for a job; got a job in Appleton. Then we started looking for a house, found and purchased a house; made the move to Appleton; I went to part time work, got pregnant in Febuary; am getting ready to stop work in 2 WEEKS!! And are about ready to have this little guy in 6 weeks~ HOLY COW!!

I have been feeling pretty cramped up. I can't breath very well because my boy is pretty high yet, and at the same token... I feel like I have to pee all the time too! Sleeping is becoming a big challenge. I can't stay comfortable even with 4 pillows :). Constantly waking up to hoist lyself out of bed to go the bathroom. I dread the drives to Milwaukee (but only have two left, hurray!) But through all of that, I still don't feel like I'm ready to give this up yet. Even though what I will have once he is born is the greatest thing on earth... I have enjoyed being pregnant and in some ways I'm just getting used to the idea (and now it'll be over in a few weeks).

We have a big weekend ahead of us. Paul's god daughter is celebrating her 2nd birthday, and Paul has his 10 year HS Reunion this Saturday night. Kathy is throwing me a baby shower at her house on Sunday. We're excited to see many friends and family this weekend.
I have my 35 week appt. next week, so I will keep everyone updated!

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