Tuesday, September 9, 2008

33 Weeks and Counting

I had my 33 week appointment today and had a lot of questions to ask my doctor. I was under the impression that my baby would still be in the breech position, as I hadn't felt any "big transitional" movement on his part. And I found out from last night's birthing class, that you start to become concerned about the breech position if he hasn't turned down by 36 weeks. Well, thankfully the doctor confirmed he was head down. Thank goodness! His back runs up along my left side, his butt is up my sternum and is feet are constantly kicking my right side ribs. Hopefully, he will camp out in this position until delivery. Last night's discussion was about the "pushing stage" and medication/anesthesia options. I'd have to say I'm little more freaked out about the meds offered than I was before...

My blood pressure was perfect she said, as well as a strong 148 bpm heart rate for the baby. I actually lost 1 pound and haven't gained anything since my 29 week point. But, she didn't seem concerned by that at all and actually commented on how I should drop this baby weight fairly easy because most of it is in my belly. Plus, my belly is measuring right on schedule for 33 weeks (33 cm from the front pelvic bone to the top of my uterus), so there is no concern about my weight at this point. I think my activity level has helped to promote only the weight gain necessary for HIM, and not extra stuff for me to worry about later. I've been doing pretty well keeping a healthy diet as recommended and I get lots of sleep :). Paul and I are enjoying our quiet weekends of relaxation. We know those weekends will be NO LONGER once our little Bo Bos is here, so we're taking every opportunity we have. That way, down the road and know we didn't take this time for granted.

I needed to ask my doctor about what I should do if by chance my water should leak while I'm stilling working this month, or if contractions should start. Also, we let her know that Paul and I are willing to delivery our baby at the sister hospital in Neenah, if it meant our chances for her to be there were greater. As of November 1st, she will no longer be seeing patients out of Appleton and so I would rather drive to Neenah than have yet another doctor being thrown at me.

We are keeping up with the watering of our lawn and continuing to see a different every few days. We do see a few weeds starting to pop, but there's nothing we can do about those this year. Still waiting for the dreaded water bill... :)

I have found a home for all the baby gifts, and made more closet space for baby. I have pre-washed alot of his clothes and they are put away in the dresser. I am starting to collect coupons and purchasing diapers when I can. The time is drawing closer and we are getting pretty excited!

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