Monday, September 1, 2008

Baby Shower

On Sunday, my mother and sister in law Emily threw me a wonderful baby shower. I was taken aback by the beautiful theme they chose to decorate the hall. They were mum plants at every table, table cloths of spring green and little wicker baskets filled with treats for the guests. We all got involved playing a game of trying to determine who's baby photo belonged to which guest. Also, everyone got the chance to predict my delivery date, baby weight and time. I would like thank those of you who stated a 6-7 lbs. baby boy... and a "not so special" thank you to those who stated 8.5+ lbs. :). And the best of all is that everyone has contributed to expressing their life's advice and wishes for our little man. A time capsule was created for my son to open on his 18th birthday. It is filled with the guests comment cards, photos of this past 2008 year, 2 sports t-shirts, the Chicago Tribune, a laminated sheet detailing today's average costs/current events and also, this blog printed out in its entirety in a journal format. What an amazing idea. I got a little carried away filling out my comment/advice card :). Sorry little man!!

After everyone finished up their lunches, we began opened the baby gifts. I want to thank everyone for their thoughtfulness in choosing the perfect items for our first baby. I truly feel well prepared for my arrival of this baby, being armed with all these essentials.

Paul and I spend the rest of our Labor Day weekend completely laid back. I have caught up on a lot of reading, with my feet propped up like a good pregnant lady :). We are literally watching our grass growing in. We were shocked to see some horrendous muddy drag marks in the back yard from (our 98% guess) our backyard neighbor's dog. We've seen that Tasmanian devil darting this way and that all over our yard when it was weeds.... but this is a different story! Our grass hasn't deep rooted yet and with it been so saturated, it's vulnerable to shoe print indentations... much less a psycho canine trolloping through it. Needless to say, we are extremely pissed because it's the most expensive investment to this house we've had to make. So, I am sure we'll be having a few words with those neighbors real soon (we've only met the wife once.)

I can't believe I will be 8 months along tomorrow! I feel like I completely bypassed month 7. I lost a whole month of mental preparation. Only two months to go. After bringing home these gifts and seeing them fill our house, it's all becoming more real to us (ME). Thoughts of the delivery are starting to creep into my head lately and I am quietly turning away from them. I'm sure in the last month, I will have enough time to get all worked up about it :) Joy!

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Holly said...

Hey I love that blue dress! Looks awesome on you.