Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lawn Care / 31 Weeks

Our lawn has really begun to take this first week. I am pretty amazed in the growth just in the past two days! We are very excited that we finally have something to progressing outside to form us a yard! I water in the morning and by the mid afternoon watering... there's so much more grass already! Unfortunately, it hasn't completely gotten rid of our cricket infestation (ok, that's an exaggeration), but I hate crickets!

My 31 week appt was today and it was as routine as it gets. I didn't gain any more weight in the past two weeks. My belly is measuring right on target and his heart rate is about 148 bpm. That rate after my doctor grabbed my baby's head between her fingers through my belly and probably freaked him out! "There's definitely the head here". He's currently transverse (side to side) inside of me, which I figured because of where I always feel his kicks/punches. I am just praying to all that holy that this little darling dear of mine will turn downward in the next few weeks :).

I am getting very excited for my baby shower this weekend. I know that I will finally begin to feel prepared for my son after the shower. Kathy will be throwing me a shower for the Truttschel side next month and I am looking forward to seeing everyone from Paul's side of the family. I am sure there will be much more to post after this weekend!

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