Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Nocturnal Olympic Athlete!

Man! This little boy has really been amazing us lately. During this past week his acrobatic somersalts are just incredible! Paul's been really shocked by how much you can now see my belly moving from the outside. We placed the remote control on my belly last night and was just watching it wobble back and forth :).
We are definitely seeing more limps dragging across my stomach. Baby's got a sweet spot for being up to kick around at 2-4am :). Goodie! I wish I got bottle up the feeling/sensation of what this feels like and share it with everybody. You can't help but smile and laugh when he really gets going. Paul asks me what it feels like and it's so hard to describe it, I was just like him a few months ago.

Our lawn is finally getting planted tomorrow!! We are very excited (not for all the work that we now have to endure for the rest of our lives) but to actually have a yard! We've been staring at dead dried weeds since spring. Bring on the grass!! We've been having a issue with crickets in the basement!! I feel like I'm in high school again (some of you know that story). We can't figure out where they're getting in. We can hear them in the sprayed insulation. Unfortunately, our cats only seem half interested in killing these insects - bummer! A fly... they go nuts. But a big juicy noise making cricket... nah! I know that Paul has been getting rid of more than what he's lead me to believe.... good man! We'll see how cats react when we bring the baby home and don't have much time to give them... Allegra will make his presence known by peeing on something I'm sure. We'll have to stay on top of our game!!