Tuesday, August 12, 2008

29 Weeks!!

Well, I sure have a little squirmer! This morning Paul had to wake up quite early for work (4:30am) and I woke up with his alarm. This baby was doing olympic flips inside of me. I was afraid to move or call for Paul because I didn't want him to stop all his movements. For the first time, I felt a tiny fist or elbow dragging along my belly. All the while, I felt feet kicking on the opposite side of my tummy. He kept it up for about 25 minutes straight! :).
I had my 29 week OB appt. today. The nurses gave me the low down on what signs to be aware of for preclampsia and preterm labor. Dr. K. measured my belly and I am measuring 30 weeks, pretty good. We talked about the chances of her being the doctor to deliver, and she isn't sure how the "on call" process will work after she moves strictly to Neenah. Basically, I am preparing myself for yet another doctor when D-Day comes along. My doctor will still deliver at AMC if she's seeing patients at this clinic. So... if my baby comes in October, she could deliver... if my baby comes naturally in November, she most likely won't deliver... but if I go more than a week past my due date (Oct. 28th) she will schedule an inducement, therefore she'd deliver. So, it looks like it'll be a gunshot situation. Overall, everything looks great!

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