Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dietrich's Visiting Weekend

After a few working days with some serious siactic nerve pain, I was looking forward to relaxing at home with our first over night guests :). Joe and Allison brought Ella up to the house Saturday afternoon and spent some time with Paul before I got home. We went out to eat at a restaurant near the mall. Of course, having the "quick" chance, Allison and I ran down to the Motherhood maternity store in the mall to look at their sale rack. Unfortantely, Allison didn't get lucky enough to find a dress she liked for a wedding she has in September. But this clown walked out with two tops and a pair of jeans :). We spent the rest of the time watching the Olympics on tv. Allison surprised me with a sweet gift. She is having another window valance sent to my house to add to/match the one I have. Our nursery window was much too wide for one valance and I needed another one to fit them across the top. She's so thoughtful!

This Sunday morning we all ate Paul's homemade waffles for breakfast and packed up to head to Lake Winnebago. I had to do some research to find public beach access to the lake and found a state park about 30 mins away. The weather was beautiful today and we really enjoyed laying back in the sun. Unfortantely the beach was more like a lake front, without any sand. But Ella stayed occupied between walking in the water, playing on the playground equipment and watching other children run around. The area was really beautiful with a lot of people, picinic tables, playground equpiment, a bath house and plenty of open space.

Allison's pregnancy is going as well as hoped. She had a little scary last week with her belly measuring. Seems her tummy was measuring a few weeks behind the standard for 29 weeks. But thankfully, the ultrasound showed a healthy baby boy that is growing right on normal rate. We can see that Ella will be a helpful big sister to her brother Nathan, as she has already showed us she can discipline our cat :).

I received healthy/normal level results from my glucola test (gestational diabetes), looks like we're in the clear on that one. I have my 29 week appt with my OB on Tuesday and have several questions to ask her regarding her "soon to be moving" status to the Neenah clinic. If someone else delivers my baby, that will be doctor #4 that I've seen since the beginnning. We'll be making some OB clinic changes with the next baby...

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