Monday, August 4, 2008

Chicago Weekend

After work on Friday night, I waited for Paul to make his trip down to Milwaukee to pick me up. We had a quick bit to eat and drove down to see Brian and Emily for the weekend. It had been since last summer since we'd visited their place in Chicago. I had taken the day off of work Saturday to be able to spend more time there. We spent the first night catching up in their apartment. We all enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday morning and after breakfast we made our way to the Shedd Aquarium. Brian first drive us by the school where he teaches. It's located in a nice area of town and looks as though they are making updates to the building. The Shedd was real nice way to spend the afternoon. Paul and I had never been so we were pretty amazed at the size of the fish/sharks that they have. We finished up the day there watching the dolphin show and made our way back to the apartment to rest up and change for dinner. We dined outside of an Italian restaurant a few blocks off Michigan Ave. and had a really nice evening. The weather was perfect for an outdoor weekend.

We left around 10:30am the next morning. Paul and I drove back to Milwaukee to get the other car, then drove back to Appleton where we met up with Paul's boss from Pierce. I got to meet his family and we all drove to the Family Night event for the Packer scrimmage game that Sunday night. The game was delayed due the rain, so all the attendees were forced to stay inside the hallways of the stadium until the lightening had stopped (about an hour delay). It was wretchedly hot in there and barely any air movement. Finally we were all allowed to our seats in the stadium (we had third row seats!). Such a different experience watching the players from that distance. It was a scrimmage game, so there really wasn't the usual structure to the game. Paul and I left early to beat the crowd and crash in our own beds :). Needless to say, today I am pretty tired and taking it easy. After so much walking this weekend, my siatic nerve was screaming last night!

The photo of Allison and myself was taken the previous weekend when they stopped by, 27 & 28 weeks along. It sure will be fun to look back and see our stages along the way. (I stole this from your blog Allison :) Thanks!)

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