Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And we're off....

Hopefully for the real thing. I am writing this post while Paul is showering and we're ready to go in to the birthing center.
At my appointment today, the doctor said I was 3 cm, 90% thinned and at station +1, he's coming down! She was very surprised how low he is without "much" discomfort. So while she agreed to schedule an induction for Thursday at 7:30am, we think the stripping of the membranes at this appointment has put me into labor anyways. I left the office around 4:15pm feeling a bit "heavy" and once home, I was starting contractions again. They got pretty strong, pretty fast. They are varying from 2-5 mins, and are pretty darn strong!

Mom came up to spend a day with me today. She's been wonderful and it really meant alot to have her with me today. So, I don't believe she'll be going home tonight :).

It's 7:15pm now, and we're going to the hospital! Keep us in your thoughts, hopefully we'll have news soon.

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