Monday, July 21, 2008

Hot (Rainy) Summer!

Well, summer sure is moving right along. Can't believe we're half way through July already. And to think I we're going to have alittle baby here with us in just over 3 months!
Paul's job is going well. He faced with many challenges each day, as most people are I suppose. He's gaining a lot of experience with the company that he can use to his benefit in the future. The two minute drive to work sure has been a blessing (on his sanity and gas!)

I am pushing toward my goal to stay working until Sept. 27th. Even though I am only part time, the days I am on my feet all day are really starting to get difficult. My feet don't seem to be cooperating with the "comfortable shoes" I've been wearing. Note ladies: If you make a strict habit of wearing fashionable heels for years... make sure your off setting that with low heels or even flats so that your heels/ankles remember how to support your body weight! I will be having an assistant working with me starting in mid August. I can not wait, but I really need those 5-10 minute breaks between people to sit down while she shampoos them for me. It's also a chance for her, having just starting to take clients, to meet my clientele and give them another familiar face with the salon for when I leave. It'll be nice to know that they will feel comfortable coming to the same salon, moving to another stylist in a smoother transition.

We were happy to entertain my parents and grandmothers yesterday. They all came for a visit so my grandmas could see our new house for the first time. It was a pretty hot day yesterday, so spending it in the air conditioned house was a nice choice. My Grandmas gave Paul and I a beautiful floor ceramic vase for a house warming gift. It's perfect for our decor, having an amber mat coated finish fits right in with our earthy tones.

26 weeks and counting! I am feeling pretty good for the most part. Our little man is kicking and squirming around in there. I believe he still has plently of room to move around, because we feel more kicks but haven't seen an fluid movement across the belly yet (elbows or arms dragging). You can see from the profile photo that I am carrying him pretty low and forward.
I have a gestational diabetes test in two weeks and then my 29 week ob check up the following week. The glucosa sugary soda-like drink they have you drink an hour before the appointment, was given to me at the last appointment to take before I come in. Sorry Allison! I got to refrigate mine and stay at home until the blood test :). But I can imagine like you, after having to down that drink in 5 minutes... I don't think we'll be stocking Orange Soda in the house for a while.

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