Wednesday, July 9, 2008

24 Weeks!!

My appointment went well today. This was the first time with a new doctor. I am not very thrilled that this is my third doctor with the Women's Care of WI group in Appleton. The clinic is going through a huge change with doctors relocating and hiring new ones. The group also has a location out of Neenah. I found out today that this new doctor will be phasing herself over the next couple of months to work solely out of that clinic. Goody! She said she will still deliver at the Appleton Medical Center which is where I plan to have my baby. So, I told her I would drive to Neenah if I had to for my appointments because I refuse to see a FOURTH doctor. I want to start getting a re pour with someone! Needless to say, Paul isn't too happy with the way things have worked out either.

This weekend was a busy one for us. I spent most of the week in West Bend / Sussex because I went to the Rascal Flatts concert at Summerfest on Monday. Driving back to Appleton for only one day made little sense with gas prices. Paul came down to Sussex on Friday the 4th of July. We spent time with friends out on Silver Lake that day, and enjoyed dinner with more friends on Saturday. Sunday was recuperation after the drive home.

I believe I have gotten a really good start on the nursery! There is plenty of wall space to fill with photos yet and I am very happy with the room. I still have to figure out something with the curtain. It came with the set of bedding, but certainly does NOT fit the large window. It drives me crazy that the cats love the rocking chair because it's sooo comfy. So I keep the door closed all the time because I don't want them getting hair all over my baby's stuff :). Plus, Allegra always spots this little teddy bear stuffed animal that is sewn to a little blanket. It's so soft and cuddly! The cat likes to drag it all over the house. I don't think so!!

The baby's heart rate is 148 bpm and I believe my belly measured pretty well because she didn't comment on it. I have now gained 14 lbs. at the 24 week mark. I will go back in three weeks to be tested for gestational diabetes.

24 week along! Time has really flown by, however I do start to feel it slowing down a bit now :). My sleeping positions are limited to just the left side for circulation purposes and that doesn't leave me with much freedom to sleep comfortably. I wake up several times at night because I'm on my back and that causes my body to wake me up. So, sleeping in different beds during the days when I'm working in Milwaukee has begun to make things more difficult for me.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. The weather's been too hot to really enjoy up here, especially without a desk or a lawn :). I will work on keeping everyone posted!

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