Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why was I writing this post?

This sketch completely describes me at this point! It was from my 22 week pregnancy newsletter I receive by email. I can't seem to keep a single train of thought these days! I forget things that were just told to me. Plus, when I leave a room (on a mission to retreive something, for instances).... I get to the other room and just stare. I try for the life of me to recover the thoughts that I was suppose to do, but it's not until I go back into the room I came from to see evidence of my quest!

As many of you who know me, for the most part I have my mother's memory. Which I'd have to say is as keen as they come (at least when it comes to daily tasks and upcoming events). So I'd have to say this is the most debilitating factor of my pregnancy (I know, if that's it... I have it GOOD!) But I feel like I'm losing my mind at times! Thank God for my ability to make lists in my sleep!

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