Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby's First Kick!!

Recently, I have been a little discouraged because I still hadn't felt much from my little man in there! But for the past week now, I have felt fluid movement (if you can make sense of that). Feels more like what a popping bubble would feel like. There really hasn't been much fluttering, at least not that I would describe it as.
Last night, around midnight I still couldn't fall asleep. Paul is crashed out next to me and I decided to see if I could get my baby to move. I slowly pushed on each side of my belly... nothing. So, with both hands I sort of sloshed the uterus back and forth a little to see if I could wake him up. Then I felt a very solid movement in the middle of my belly. It was followed by one more identical movement. I gasped because I really didn't think I was going to get a reaction from him. But I am sure it was some sort of a kick because it was unlike anything I have felt from within.

I didn't know whether to wake up Paul or not. I was crying from excitement and I lightly placed my hand on his face for a second and I heard his deep breathing seize. I waited a second or two and asked, "Oh, are you awake?" He kind of groaned, I explained what happened and he put his hand on my belly. Of course I couldn't get the little guy to do it again, but he was excited anyways. So much fun!
We have decided on a bedding set. There are so many to choose from (so many are way too expensive!). But we found a simple one from Target that will suit the wall color nicely. It definitely says BOY without over doing it. We have the dresser/changing table unit in pieces all over the nursery floor. I think we're both waiting for the little helper elves to assemble it for us! HA! I will get a full photo of the nursery when we get that far. It's great to finally know what we're having! Only 20 more weeks to go!!


Mom and Dad said...

April lynnies
we were so excited to read your blog about your first movements from our little grand baby. Just wait, he will be waking you nightly playing kickball as you are trying to go to sleep. We couldnt be happier grandparents.

love you

AFD said...

Cute belly! :)