Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Our appointment at the OB clinic went really well today. Aside from the ignoring the fact that you have to use the bathroom real bad... you are easily distracted as soon as the ultrasound screen turns on in front of you.

First, the tech started taking measurements of the organs and bones of the baby (as my husband had not quite arrived yet :) ). She informed us that the baby was unmistakeably a boy. I have been in the mind set that we were having a girl and had subconsciously started planning accordingly (ideas for the baby's room, looking at girl's clothes, had a girl's name picked out etc.) So now I have to let this exciting news sink in a bit.

Everything looked good from what the tech showed us. The Doctor has to review all the screen shots to confirm that everything is developing properly, but most likely the tech would have caught something abnormal. The baby (HE... I can say that now!) weighs 12 ounces and his heartrate is at 140 beats per minute. I haven't gained any weight in the past two weeks, but a total of 8 pounds so far which the Doctor said was fine.

During the ultrasound, the tech had to continuously chase the baby around my tummy. He seems to be so active which is relieving because I haven't felt any movement at this point. She mentioned that because the placenta is located in front and slightly to the side, it has probably acted like a cushion to the movement. She tried hard to get a really good profile shot (to view in 3D form) near the end of the ultrasound, but the baby wasn't cooperating. He was burying his face into the uterin wall, or covering his face by rubbing his eyes. OH! And he kept opening his mouth to yawn, which was really cool to watch on screen.

Paul is very excited, he said BOY from the very beginning. Now we get to start deciding on a boy name!

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