Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Watch out for those wild and crazy Deer!!

After work on Friday, I drove up to West Bend to cut and color a relatives hair and left pretty late. It was about 10:30pm that I got back on the road to drive myself back to Sussex to sleep that night, I still am working in Milwaukee Thursday-Saturday until the end of September (hopefully). Anyways, I was going south on Hwy 45, merging onto Hwy 45/41 by Cabella's near Holy Hill exit and I hit a deer! It came from the RIGHT driver side (must have cross the north bound lanes first). I never saw it with my headlights. I believe I saw it first by my front fender once the lights from the driver's car behind me shone on the deer. Of course my quick reaction was to scream, slam on the break and honk the horn. I was driving 65 mph and the deer hit my backseat driver's side door and the back wheel well. I slowed way down, looking in my mirrors to see if someone else hit it and it didn't look like anyone did. I immedately started bawling and got off at the next exit. I was shaking pretty bad and drove into a closed gas station in what looked like a wasteland. I called Paul and was hysterical. I was too scared to get out of the car in the blasted station to look at the damages to the car, so instead I sat there and cried to poor Paul on the phone.
I have never hit a deer before, and I know I wouldn't have been that out of control if I wasn't pregnant. My mind just started racing on different, terrible scenarios that could have taken place and when you're carrying precious cargo... you get over protective and crazy! If I would have hit the deer less than a second early, the deer would have hit my door and any earlier than that, probably would have rolled over my hood.
Needless to say, my angels were watching out for me because I came away from what could have been a pretty bad accident... with only a dented back wheel well and dried out tear ducts.
I will keep you all posted on my 18 week appt. next week. Hope you all are enjoying the warmer weather!

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