Tuesday, May 27, 2008

18 Weeks OB Appointment

To think I'm 18 weeks! Time has gone by so fast, I think because I have been feeling so good the whole pregnancy. I had my OB appt. today and the baby's heart rate is at 153 bpm, which is good. I have gained 8 lbs. so far... which kind of shocked me. I don't feel the added weight on my body yet, but I could see it a bit in the photos from this weekend. The Dr. said that at some point soon I should be gaining about a pound a week.

I have set my 20 week ultrasound for June 11th. I haven't been thinking much about when I get to find out the sex of the baby, but now that there is a date set I find myself getting very excited! So, in about 2 weeks we'll finally know what we're having!! Will the poll stand true and tell us we're having a girl? I read our results from the Chinese Birthing Calendar (theoretical, but shockingly accurate) and that showed a girl for us! Two more weeks and the guessing will finally be over...

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