Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Door County Weekend

Our Memorial Day Weekend was spent up in Door County. Paul and I stayed with Brian and Emily. Her parents graciously allowed us to stay at their cottage in Sister bay. The weather was very cooperative for the time we were up there. On Sunday, we stopped in some of the local retail shops in Sister Bay, then spent the afternoon at Stone Throw Winery. Of course, the three of them enjoyed the wine tasting enough for my spare :). Unfortantely, my allergies were at an all season high that day and while I tried to keep a happy face through my sneezing fits, I just couldn't shake it that and ended up going to bed a little early.

The next day we had a little time to walk along the beach front of Sister bay (this day was even warmer). The four of us took some nice pictures. We shared breakfast as a local cafe and packed up alittle after noon. Paul and I stopped at Cave Point on our way home and took some more photos there. The cove was beautiful with the crashing waves and natural eroded rock formations. The weekend went by fast, and sadly Paul was attached to his blackberry/Internet due to a system failure at work and had a lot of restoring to do all weekend long. It's been a rough couple of weeks for Paul.

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