Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Not So Hidden Anymore!

Naturally while most people still can't tell that I am pregnant, I am definately in the stage where I feel that way! I say "Of course I look pregnant! How can you not see that? What did you think? That I ate a big breakfast?" My belly is certainly starting to take a shape unlike I ever had and it's very exciting!

I dragged Paul to the Babies R Us last night to start alittle bit of registering. We are going to wait on the clothes and gender specific things until we find out what our baby will be, but in the meantime there's plenty of stuff to get on there. Plus, it's an overwhelming process when you see everything that you should be prepared with when your child arrives. I can't imagine getting it all in one day.

I am 16 weeks this morning, or 4 months. I am still feeling pretty good. Having a difficult time eating the full amount that the doctors recommend. That "eating for two" ceratinly hasn't set in yet. But I think I'm progressing well, I have gained about 4 lbs. thus far (of the recommended 25 lbs...yikes!) I will have a 18 week appt. at the end of May. And my full ultra sound will be scheduled around my 20 week point. Hope everybody is doing well, have a great spring!

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