Monday, April 14, 2008

Our House is becoming a Home

Well, there isn't much news to report with the baby at this point. I am starting a Prenatal Yoga Class on Monday nights. I have never done yoga before so I am alittle anxious, but I am very excited to be more active and get to know some people in town.
On another note, our house is coming along nicely. Finally, the window treatments were installed this past Tuesday. We now have privacy!! It feels like a different place already. We went to WG&R Furniture yesterday and were very happy with the selection of kitchen/dining room tables. We bought a nice dark cherry wood set with 6 chairs that are covered in a green/gray micro suede fabric (easy to clean with cats). For a table that will be more functional than decorative, we decided to save money and purchase the floor model at a great price. Having saved there, we also brought home a beautiful rocking chair for the baby's room. We both sat in the rocker and just melted. I'd rock myself to sleep in a chair like that!
I will write a follow up to my OB appointment on the 28th of April. Thanks for checking back!

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