Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our 9 week old little Peanut!!

After waiting over a month we finally got to see our little hidden treasure! We were told the baby is doing great and measured in at 2.39 cm (just shy of an inch). That puts me two days further along than my calculations. The baby is 9 weeks and 1 day old.
Our due date is October 28th, 2008.
As for the way that I feel, I have a considerate amount of lower back pain and certain smells set my stomach in a whirl (meats, strong sauces and leftovers) :) But I am extremely grateful to report zero morning sickness. I can't believe that I haven't felt much of that at all.
Paul and I are very excited! He came to the appointment with me and got to share the grand introduction of our little bean.


mdpuerling said...

April and Paul,
We can't believe we are looking at our little mini grand baby. To think we will be holding him or her in time for trick or treat...
Now you'll find out how much love you can fill in your heart,
you will feel your heart grow as will your little peanut.....
Love, M/D

Lynda said...

We are so excited to hear the great news! You will both make wonderful parents--you had such awesome role models!!
It will be so great to have a baby at family events! I am calling first dibs now!!
Congratulations--we love you!!

"Uncle"Rick and "Aunt" Lyn

mel said...

Congratulations! So precious! I'm very happy for you guys... you will make great parents!

Kali said...

I can't even tell you how excited I am for the both of you! I can't wait until it is here!
Thanks for putting this website together. I am so glad that I can read this and check out everthing that is going on. I'm so excited:) You both are going to be the best parents ever!
When I have my five disfunctional hildren, they can play with your two little ones:) lol

Alyssa in Oklahoma said...

Congratulation April, and Paul, even though I've never met you. I know you will be a GREAT mom, it's in your genes!!! Speaking of which, have you made your moms spaghetti pizza at all!!! Now you should get special treatment from Paul, foot rubs, back massages, etc!!!! Anyway, I'm exciting to hear more baby news, keep my updated!! Take care and gets lots of rest....