Monday, April 28, 2008

First Trimester Complete!

Today was my 14 week OB appointment. The doctor took 5 viles of blood work to test for various things, one being a follow up to the Fifths Disease in which I was exposed to about 4 weeks ago. Because I have not had the disease as a child, I have no antibodies and therefore are not immune to getting it as an adult. I have a pretty good feeling however, that I have not been effect by it. We will know in a few days! I got to hear the baby's heart beat once again. This time by the Doppler device my doctor placed on my belly. The heart rate was about 157 beats per minute, which is slower from the 9 week appt (180 beats per minute.) That's what happens when your baby grows from 1 inch to 3 inches in 5 weeks! I have put on a healthy 3 lbs. during my first trimester. They have landed right in my mid section and thighs, JOY! No visible baby yet, just a nice cushion of momma fat :)

I am offically in my second trimester and I can not believe how fast this pregnancy is going. Ask me that again when I'm as big as a house and dead on my feet!

We bought the baby's crib over the weekend and that will be our project for the week, trying for the life of us to assemble it correctly :).

As an update for my mother in law, Kathy; she met with the doctor 5 days after the surgery on April 18th and the surgent said there was still some cancer cells in the biopsy taken from the breast tissue. She went back into surgery the following day (Thursday April 24th) and had a similar procedure. We are awaiting the test results on this surgery to see what the next step will be. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!!


Jessi said...

I am so happy for you guys! this is so exciting!! Your baby will be absolutely adorable whether its a girl or boy! Oh, and I'll be in Oshkosh next year so if you ever want to go out on the weekends, I'll be more than happy to babysit for free because I love babies! Congradulations again!!!!!! Yay!!!

Lynda said...

Hey, what is happening to the boy vote?? Majority ruled in our house, Ian, Trevor and Rick said boy and I thought girl, looks like others in the blog are on my side, (even though we voted boy) Tempted to change the vote.....
Glad to hear your in the "feel great" trimester. I loved this time of my pregnancies!!
We hope you continue to feel great! Hope to see you soon,
Love, Aunt Lyn and the Tomaz gang