Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Breastfeeding and Family Visiting

I HUGE thank you to all you caring ladies out there who left me your comments on my previous post. I really enjoyed reading them all and was also happy (not to hear of your troubles), but to be confirmed that these specific breastfeeding problems are not just my own.

I feel as though if I had waited 3 more days to write that post, it wouldn't have sounded so negative. All of a sudden, my body got in check. As if over night my boobs got on board with what they are suppose to do (supply wise) and I am a MUCH happier mother because of it. I think because I had breastfed Jackson for 10 months, the freshed memories I hold from that whole experience were from the last few months - when I considered myself a "pro". When all I had to do was put Jax up to the breast and he did the rest. I think there is a reason those early memories of struggles and tears were no longer on the surface of my mind... so I could enter motherhood again with an open mind and not have preconceived notions about the difficulties of breastfeeding a newborn.

I appreciate all your support and thank you for reading through my complaints and questions. Since then, I haven't really needed to pump (at least today was the first day I didn't at all) for expression purposes. The initial latch on is still painful and even more so if I am extra full. But I know that will continue to subside. I want to be careful to not let the supply get low (since I haven't pumped). Jaelyn sleeps a lot during the day still and she usually feeds 4 hours apart during the day. In the evening starting around 7pm, she cluster feeds every 1.5 - 2 hours until midnight. During that time she sleeps in 20-30 min spurts and is awake most of the time. Come 12am or 1am, she has her last feeding of the night and sleeps until 5-6am - she will eat again then fall asleep until 9-10am which then starts her every 4 hour feedings for the day. I read in the handout from her 2 week appt, that she should be feeding about 10 mins EACH breast at each feeding - a total of 20 mins. She does NOT eat that long. She's a sleepy baby and usually falls back asleep after about 10 mins TOTAL. Most of the time I only get her to nurse on 1 side. I try to keep her awake, but she falls asleep while I try to burp her (which usually takes a while). But if I don't get a burp out of her, she spits up BADLY within 15 mins. She is an efficient eater though. In that 10 mins on just 1 breast, she normally softens it really well (can't say it's "emptied" though). 

Should I be concerned that she doesn't nurse much longer than 10-15 mins? At her 2 week appt, she had surpassed her birth weight of 6lbs 9oz and weighed in at 7lbs 1oz. That tells me she's doing pretty good. 

At only 2 weeks, is it ok that she only nurses at 1 breast during a feeding? In most cases, I am able to get her latched on the other breast after 10 mins. of nursing the 1st side. But can never get more than 3-5 mins of her sucking. 

Here are some updated photos for your enjoyment :) Or mine 

Jackson loves to rock his baby sister in her chair.

My mom (Deedee to the kids) and Miss. Jaelyn

Uncle Brian and Auntie Emily came for a visit to meet their niece.

Uncle Brian showing Jackson his new sketch pad and crayons.



Veronica said...

Yay for things getting better! That's great news! I think everything sounds really normal, especially her only nursing on one side at a time. Sometimes we still do that over here and Liv's already 5 months old. As for the time it takes to nurse, some babies are just very efficient eaters and can empty a breast quicker.

Have you thought about maybe trying to get her to eat every three hours during the day? I remember having to wake Livvie up every three hrs in the beginning until she started waking up on her own. She had terrible jaundice for a good 7 weeks at least so I always had to wake her.

Love that first pic of you and your girl. So sweet!

Holly said...

So glad to hear that things are better! Yay! :) Latch on is still painful for me. I know I won't miss that once it goes away!

Lainey only eats on one side per feeding. She's never eaten from both breasts and sometimes she does only eat for like 10 min and other times it's a little longer. I think it depends on how sleepy she is.

The pic of your mom and Jaelyn is so sweet!

Kelli said...

yay I'm so glad breastfeeding is going better for you! It's funny how things all of the sudden click and get easier. Her feeding only one one side per feeding is completely normal. I would try to get at least 10 minutes of good transfer (meaning she is swollowing) I would try to wake her and nurse her at least every 3ish hours if you can, 4 hours is really a long time to go between day feeedings.

The big thing is she is having at least 5-7 wet diapers a day and at least 2-4 stools. If she is doing both of those things and gaining weight your supply is great and do what works. The only problem I see with her not nursing very long is she's not going to get all of that hind milk which is the good stuff. I'd try to put her back on the same breast after she burps to make sure she gets that hind milk. take her off, burp her again and offer the 2nd side. (and maybe pump that 2nd side if you want to build a freezer stash)

It sounds like you are doing a great job with the transition of 2 kids and I really think it does get easier :)

Brooke said...

First of all you look amazing for just having a baby two weeks ago!! Amazing. I am so glad to hear the bf is going so much better now. Its great when your body does what you want it to.

Dont worry a bit about her nursing time being so short. I could never get C to nurse for more then 10-15 minutes and he would never nurse from both during a feeding. Because of this I adopted the one sided nursing and have never looked back. I love only doing one side per feeding because I know he gets all of the good hind milk and my breast is completely emptied with each feeding. In the book "The baby whisperer" she talks about one sided feedings and the benefits for Mom and baby. Also if you ever have to pump you only have to pump one side at a time! It sounds like your nursing experience would benefit from this.

Kate said...

Molly never ate that long and she gained 4 pounds a month from month one to month 9, so don't worry about the time!! I would go shorter on the first breast, like maybe 5 on each? Or keep doing what you are doing if it works for you!