Thursday, August 12, 2010

34 week update

How far? 34 weeks and a couple of days :P

Weight Gain? A whopping 21 lbs already!! That was my total weight gain with Jackson's pregnancy, guess I am surpassing that one with 6 more weeks to go!

How am I feeling? Decently well. I still sleep pretty well but get fairly tired during the day. Especially with Jackson being cooped in the house all day. The humidity is unbearable here with a steady 92 degrees. It just isn't practical to be outside playing, even in the kiddie pool in this heat.

Labor Signs? Still having several Braxton Hicks each day. Nothing painful, although I am getting a bit of dull back pain when they occur.

Doctor says that Jaelyn is still head down (as been since 30 weeks), so measuring 33 cms at 34 weeks could be explained by her having dropped down a little. I carried Jax at -1 for the last month (thanks to the exercise ball) and wouldn't mind that again :) Made pushing during delivery go faster.

Last week Jackson was struck with Roseola. We didn't know that was the fever culprit until the 103 fever broke after 3.5 days and that terrible rash delevoped all over his body. The fever subsided on Thursday morning and we kept with our original plans to have him visit my parents for a few nights. This sickness effected him the most out of anything he's encountered so far. He was all out of sorts for quite along time after the rash started to dissipate. He was extremely needy, short tempered and demanding, didn't know what he wanted and fussed repeatedly (all of this began after the fever passed). My parents were a huge help in returning to me the little boy I used to know. It was a trying week last week. Now he has another Eye Tooth coming in and that has brought forth a truck load of diarreah that won't quit! I would love to take him to the local outdoor pool - but not with that I won't! Hopefully that will eleviate soon. Until then - no milk (which he's been off for over a week now anyways), no raw fruits (his favorite), no yogurt (another favorite) and just pounding as much Pedialyte as he will tolerate. Poor little man really wants his milk back!

We are going to finally get all of the wall decor up in the nursery tonight so I can NOT wait to post Jaelyn's finished room. I am just waiting on the her crib mattress which I had to order from Babies R Us. I have all the other projects finished!! I believe I have exhausted my sewing machine :)

Stay tuned, can't wait to show you!!



Holly said...

I think I may go over Kyndra's weight gain if the trend continues. I gained 20 with her and at my last appt I had gained 14 so far.

The humidity has been bad here too! This week it's been pretty muggy. It did cool down for a little bit yesterday when it rained but then it got muggy again.

Poor Jackson! Can't get a break! Glad your parents helped out because that would've been REALLY draining dealing with it yourself being so pregnant. And now the teeth! Oy!


So glad Jaelyn is head down for you, and that you are having such a good pregnancy.

Hope Jackson is feeling much better now. I can't wait to see your pics of your nursery. You have gotten so many great projects done. Have a great day.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Brooke said...

Sorry your little guy is going through so much. I wanted to suggest trying cooked pumpkin, sweet potatoes or bananas. Bananas can be constipating for some kids so I wonder if that might help him. Good luck.

Kate said...

Poor Jax! That is awful and tiring! For both him and mommy! Yea for the nursery, can't wait to see it all!

croleyc69 said...

Glad things are going good. Take care