Monday, June 21, 2010

What's Going On?!?

Been a long time since I have let everyone know what is UP lately! I have been busy! You have seen some of the work I have done with the children's bedrooms, but I have also been pretty busy spending time creating a new scheduling system for our church children's ministry teachers (Carnival (birth - 4K) program). It's been alot of tedious computer work so I haven't been blogging much because I'm not a huge computer person to begin with.

Jackson has become a crazy ACTIVE toddler! I have been reading a few books (one I reviewed here) and have concluded that my son has an "easy going" temperament, but most of the time is an "active toddler". And that is a whole other class of toddlerhood. There's curious and energized... than there's active and unstoppable. My son is the latter! My energy level on the other hand has taken an enormous downhill slide in the last few weeks as I approach the 3rd trimester, so this combination has become a challenge for me.

(Jax's first lawn mower ride)

Most toddlers will venture away from their "secure base" aka mom or dad; but stay within a safe distance in which they feel comfortable. It's a personal limitation set by the toddler that tells them that mom or dad is still near, but also that they are exploring at their own desire. My child has no such distance! Last night at my husband's softball game for example - Jackson constantly ran away from me with no desire to return back. It was not the "Come get me, Mommy" game, because he wasn't even turning around to see how far back I was. When he finally did turn around and saw me, I waved my arm in a "Come this way" motion and started to walk in the opposite direction. This not only showed him that Mommy going the other way, but also added involuntary distance to the gap between us. How did he react? I turned back within seconds to see him continue to run in his own direction. No fears?

I also had a very difficult time keeping him away from the fence where all the players would congregate. My husband specifically said he didn't want Jax touching the fence for a fear of stray balls, well that was a challenge. There were several children there Jax's age and I was the only one running my tail off the whole time. It wasn't the appropriate venue to allow him to explore. I was quite jealous at this other mother (from church) whose little boy sat quietly on her lap the whole time slowly and contently eating goldfish crackers. Twice, I was told "Wow, you have your hands full." from complete strangers. Don't really appreciate those comments. That's their "polite" way of saying that my son is hyper active or that I'm unable to control him.

He has little fear of strangers which makes other's say "He great with new people", but makes a mother lury to let him explore. I have to carry him in the parking lots every time because he will dart away from me so fast. The over powering urge to lay his hand on the tire of the red truck across the aisle is just too much for him to bare. What he struggles with, is that his mind is ahead of his body. He is so go go go - that he is constantly falling down, bumping into things and getting scrapped up. He gave himself his first bloody nose today by turning face first into the spare tire on the back of my suv. His knees are all scrapped up from falling outside. He has a light cut across his face which must have happened during his play.  

(Do you notice the baby acne again?? I can't fingure out where that is coming from, but it has invading his chin and mouth for about 2 weeks now! Don't know how to treat it!)

His listening is better than most toddlers his age, I will give him that. He doesn't listen all the time, and that is usually followed with him continuing to do the wrong action faster or harder as I am on my way to stop him. He is still normally a great eater. Not so much on his variety, but the amount he eats to sustain his high evergy level is good. He doesn't care for veggies, and I will admit that I am not the best at attempting to get much in him anymore. Making three dishes for the same meal just to find something he will eat - isn't my idea of fun. Sometimes mealtimes consist of a glass of milk and a few pieces of fruit. You can't win everytime!


I am having a very difficult time finding fabric to create the nursery's bedding and window treatment. I have searched JoAnn's twice and Hancock Fabrics once and Hobby Lobby has a poor selection. I did find one today at Hancocks, but the lady at the cutting counter told me (after along unnecessarily confusing explanation) that the fabric wasn't a regularly stocked item and therefore - I couldn't order more nor would they get more in. So when I realized the amount available would only yield a valance and none of the bedding... I was defeated again.

Can anyone help me with this?

Is there a good online seller of fabric or a great national retailer that I would find more luck at? I am not a picky person - I just want to find something that matches the color theme for her room.

Crib and Dresser/Changing Table unit = White
3 walls = light pink, 1 wall = soft green
Accenting colors through the room = deep pink and orange.

I want to find something that accents with the pink and oranges, but also has a bit of the green tone to tie it all together.

I appreciate any direction that I can receive!!



Holly said...

Jackson sounds like he is keeping you pretty busy on top of all the things you have to do. I'm sure the children's ministry is a lot to handle too. I hope you can find some energy but I'm not sure it's too likely with getting further along and the weather getting hotter. I'm afraid it's gonna get worse for us!

I'm not sure on where to get the fabric since I don't really buy any. I'm sure you could find something online but the problem there could be price.

Paige said...

sounds like he needs a leash!! Just kidding!! try they carry premier prints, michael miller, amy butler, and tons others!!

croleyc69 said...

My boy Ridge was like that. I always had to be on my toes with him.
I hope you can find what you need for fabric. I'm working on a special something for that little girl and I can't leave Jax out so he will get something too.
Take care and try to stay cool.


Burtons Blessings said... is a great source of fabric. You can order samples too! is great too!
Good luck!

Mom and Dad said...

Grandma DeDe to the rescue! Perhaps this weekend and next week you will get some time to do your upcoming projects with Jax by us. We are so looking forward to time with him and always do.