Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Project #2 for Baby Girl

Haven't been spending much time lately on the computer, because I have been using what limited free time I have getting the children's room in order. I have almost completed the very last touch on Jackson's room. I don't have a photo of it yet - but will show you when that is finished.

Here was my latest project for Baby Girl:

I wanted to make her a baby blanket. I had made one for Jackson, but unfortuantely he took more fondly to the soft store bought blanket that I received at my baby shower. So - the blanket I made for him remains folded in his closet :(

My materials:

1 yrd. of cotton fabric
1 yrd of minkie fabric
(I actually had the material cut to 1 yrd and 2 inches as a fail safe)
1 package of 4 3/4 yrd satin blanket binding

Prewashed my fabrics in the washing machine in cold water. However, beforehand I sewed the unfinished edges of the cotton material with a wide zigzag stitch to prevent it from unraveling.

Then I cut my pieces to the desired blanket size. I used 36.5" x 42".
I pinned the fabrics together along the edges right sides face OUT. Because I would be sewing on the blanket binding, I didn't need to sew them inside out.

This was my first time ever using blanket bindings, so it was a bit tricky at first. Satin is slippery fabric so it takes patience and can be a bit tedious until you get the hang of it. The binding comes as a folded border piece with one side of the border a titch longer than the other. You use the shorter side as your sewing guide because you know for sure that the underside is catching (because it's a titch longer). I cut the initial piece on an angle and began to pin it down in the middle of one side of the blanket.

You need to miter the corners. Here is a great example of how to miter the corners. Again, this was a first time for me using this technique, but it seemed to work pretty good. I followed the linked tutorial for the whole blanket project.
When you have come finished your pinning all the way around and mitered the corners... insert your end piece under neath that initial angled piece for a finished look.

Next, begin sewing on the binding as you move along the blanket, traveling up your diagonal fold of the mitered corners. 

Once you have completed that - you're finished!

What will Project #3 be? You'll have to come back soon to find out!



AFD said...

You are so talented! It's adorable.

Stephanie said...

So cute! I've made a few of these for my little ones, but most of their blankets are handmade ones from my mom, mother in law, and friends. I just love handmade things and this is such an easy project. I love the colors!

Mom and Dad said...

Where did you get yours talents from? Certainly not your mother!!

{:miss v:} said...

You did a fantastic job! I love the colors and the fabric!

croleyc69 said...

Great job April. I love it !!


Veronica said...

The blanket turned out awesome! I just love the colors!

Holly said...

You are just awesome! I love the blanket. It looks sooo soft! You did a great job on it! I wish I could do that!

prashant said...

Certainly not your mother!!
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