Friday, May 14, 2010


So we finally decided to just get rid of all the trees in our back yard. Neighbors told us they were jealous of the shade we have, living in a new subdivision - mature trees are pretty scarce. However! Our trees were the byproduct of an old farm field's tree line. So not only were they messy and mangey - half of them were dying and dropping huge branches every time the rain came. The other half the trees were Box Elder Maple and with those - come the box elder bugs... horribly ugly - juicy red colonizing pests that infested our backyard. We don't have a deck built yet and I knew we never would if it meant we were sharing our relaxation time with the bugs. No Thanks!

So we finally got them torn down. Our neighbors will be taking their share of firewood and I am pretty share they will be set for about 5 years!

I love the openness of our yard now! These trees literally cut our yard in half (our lot line extends to the electrical box) which made the it very difficult for us to visualize how we were going to design our deck and landscaping.


Yes and Yes - Rummage Saleing AGAIN!

Here's the GIVEAWAY
(finally, another one right?!)

Here are my deals/finds from the citywide sale
then guess how much I spent!! I will give a few helpful hints...

I am pretty set for Jackson on summer clothes this year and am collecting some clearance items for fall already. So today I decided on our new comer.

... what can I say? The two on the left = $1.00. The tennies have never been worn = $3.00

Guess who will be a LADYBUG this Halloween?!? - $2.00

A MaryKay consultant was getting rid of her old packaging and discontinued products. Each for $1.00

 Yes, it is in serious need of ironing :)

So, can you guess who much I spent?

5 - 2 or 3 piece outfits
2 - blanket sleepers
5 - play and sleepers
3 - sweater / zip ups
1 - Baby Gap jacket
1 - demin skirt jumper with bloomers
3 - pair of tights
1 - pair of jeans
3 - pairs of shorts
2 - tops
3 - pairs of shoes
1 - Halloween Costume
1 - mascara
2 - eye shadows
1 - maternity top

The person who guesses the closest to my total
will receive this!

Beaded and linking chained necklace with a aqua marble/stone pendant.

Good Luck!! I will be in Chicago visiting my brother and sister in law - baby free! So you have until Monday evening to place your guesses!

Side Note: It's my goal to have April Accents back open for business by the END OF MAY!



AFD said...

$60 for it all? You are making me jeleous...I may need some babysitters this summer to go rummaging! :) Have fun in Chicago!

Lyndsie said...

You got some great things!! My guess is $21.00

Holly said...

The yard looks a lot more open!! Good riddance bugs!!

What cute clothes and shoes!!

I'm gonna guess you spent $22

Kelly said...

I'll say $20 :)

馥虹 said...

雖然說上班很累,不過還是得努力應付每一天,看看文章休息一下,謝謝你哦! ..................................................

Amber said...

$40 for all of it :)
I love the costume!

croleyc69 said...

Lots of good things !! I love sales Like that. I'm going to say $25.00.
i had a ladybug outfit for carly's first Halloween. The outfit I got for a $ 1.00 couldn't pass it up.
Take care

P.S The yard looks great !!

sanjeet said...

You got some great things
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Lynda said...

I say $32.00...