Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WW - Poor Little Man

Even though my busy little boy has felt like this since Sunday...

He can still muster a smile for mommy.

Taking him to the doctor this afternoon. Ear fection? Never had one.
Fever of 102.6? This is the first time.
Affect from teething? Never reacted like this before!

17 months before a sickness has really gotten him down... I would say that's pretty good. The cold he had at his birthday - was nothing compared to this!

No Ear Infection, No Pneumonia
Just one nasty virus that has to run its course.
Needs to really push the liquids and keep him hydrated.
Poor guy! He took 2 naps today - am nap- 1.75 hrs / pm nap - 3hrs. Holy COW!


Kate said...

Poor little Jax! Hope he feels better soon!

Kelly said...

Poor little guy!! Hope he feels much better soon. His smile is priceless!

Shay said...

Poor lil man! Having a sick baby is hard! He looks like that smile is taking him everything he has! Praying he gets better SOON!

Burtons Blessings said...

How pitiful, but cute! Hope he gets better soon!

amanda said...

oh man!! now fu. dustin has had two ear infections in the last two weeks, and the chiro looked in his ears today, because he's been acting cranky...and they're getting pink again! no fun!! praying for your little man...and you!!

greeg32 said...

Naps are great for getting better. Nice work mom and dad!

Mom and Dad said...

Holy crap, 3 hrs this afternoon. That totals 4 3/4 hrs nap today. He must of needed it. Hopefully he wakes up a new boy tomorrow. I sure enjoyed the time with him the last couple of days whether he was sick or not.

croleyc69 said...

Hoping he gets better soon.

Holly said...

Aw, he looks miserable but he still smiles! :) Hope he feels better!