Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby Wearing Recap

I really want to thank everyone for your great input about the baby wearing topic. I really like the idea, and I don't want to be over thinking it. I suppose if its something that I do, even just while baby is an infant - it would be worth the investment. Another thing I considered - baby will be born in September, so that will only leave me with about month of great weather to actually wear it outside. I know I would wear it inside too, but I just see myself in it more outdoors - at the park, lounging in the yard. I am not big on holding a baby around the house.

I watched a tutorial online on how to wrap the Moby and I just fell in love with it! I love the stretchy fabric and the security of it. Definitely something I am willing to give a try :) Now - if only I can find one at a discount ;)



Kelli said...

i think that's a great plan! good luck with finding one! :)

amanda said...

i think that you really took each comment to heart. and that you're doing what will work for you!! yay!! sorry to go on such a rant about it to you when i did comment. but it really does get my undies all in a bundle when so many people out there judge you for every.stinkin.thing! i'm probably more like you and am not a huge baby-wearer at home. but i will say i used the moby when caitlyn was a baby at octoberfest and it worked really nice. now it only has to be nice outside that weekend. :0)

AFD said...

Have you thought about making one? I think you can find the patterns online if you look. Just a thought...I know how crafty you are! :)