Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photoshop Secrets

Let's share our Photo Shop secrets!

Over the last year I have spent several brain wrecking hours following tutorials online to help me navigate my way around the photo editing program. I haven't learned much but I can manage to adjust the color on a beginner's level. I can also add softness and isolate certain objects in a photo... but that's about it!

I love to see other bloggers edit their photos and I always find myself asking... "How did she DO that"?

Well, let's hear it LADIES! Spill the beans! Do you know how easily add a watermark to your photo? Do you know how to change the overall color to a smooth looking brownish tone? Do you know how to change eye color? Do you know how to isolate one object's color while turning the rest of the photo to black and white? TELL US!!

Next week Monday April 5th I will be hosting a
MckLinky PhotoShop Secret's Revealed
post. So spend some time this week creating your demonstrative/informative posts and come back here and LINK UP to tell us all!

Note: I currently have Photoshop CS2 - so if you could keep the editing capablities to that caliber or earlier versions, I would appreciate that :) Photoshop Elements is very similar to Photoshop, so I welcome those as well!

I Can't Wait to Learn YOUR Secrets!!



amanda said...

i don't have photoshop. i have elements...but am not sure of secrets that i can share, only because i never remember all the steps in a row and keep playing with it! lol. i do have lightroom though. but it's easy to just say 'use this preset'. :0)

i don't want to seem nitpicking, but i noticed you have monday april 4th. it's the 5th. but i only know that because i'm starting my giveaways that day. lol. otherwise i wouldn't have noticed. :0)

Holly said...

I don't have photoshop. I have paint.net and it does all I need it to do. I don't do anything fancy with my photos besides brightening and enhancing colors and contrast. My most recent thing I've learned is to whiten teeth. Love that! I downloaded the free trial for lightroom but haven't touched it yet. The editing programs just have so many things they can do it can be overwhelming!

Tim said...

What a great idea April. I love your blog and what you are doing here. Hope you dont mind if I follow along.

Thank you for the sweet comments you left on my guest post at Carleighs.

I hope you will visit The Fort often, you are always welcome.

Love and Prayers,